Using Ability Scores

o f every creature’s physical and mental
• Strength, measuring physical power
• Dexterity, measuring agility
• Constitution, measuring endurance
• Intelligence, measuring reasoning
and memory
• Wisdom, measuring perception and insight
• Charisma, measuring force o f personality
Is a character muscle-bound and insightful? Brilliant
and charming? Nimble and hardy? Ability s cores
define these qualities—a creature’s assets as well
as weaknesses.
The three main rolls o f the game—the ability check,
the saving throw, and the attack roll—rely on the six
ability scores. The book’s introduction describes the
basic rule behind these rolls: roll a d20, add an ability
modifier derived from one o f the six ability scores, and
compare the total to a target number.
This chapter focuses on how to use ability checks
and saving throws, covering the fundamental activities
that creatures attempt in the game. Rules for attack rolls
appear in chapter 9.
Ability Scores and Modifiers

Advantage and Disadvantage

Proficiency Bonus

Ability Checks

Using Each Ability

Saving Throws

Using Ability Scores

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